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Backed by ISO 9001 Certification, Bridon Industries
gets it. Fast. We simplify hydraulic systems, shorten
lead times, eliminate leak points, and lower costs
on custom hydraulic valves and systems. So everything
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Successes & Clients

Not all hydraulic challenges are the same.
Their solutions shouldn’t be either.


System-Specific Relief Valve

Challenge: A relief valve to avoid system overload.
Bridon’s Solution: Reduced cost, removed unnecessary features, and designed a safe, custom valve.

Bypass Relief Valve

Challenge: A bypass valve to withstand cold temperature startup pressures and avoid cooling system damage.
Bridon’s Solution: Eliminated weak points, met the desired application and avoided costly manifold redesign via a compact valve configured within a standard fitting.

Check Fittings

Challenge: A check circuit between the primary and secondary pumps.

Bridon’s Solution: Eliminated leak points, lowered cost and combined component functions in one check fitting.

Check Operator-Actuated Valve

Challenge: A bypass valve that permits safe operation in the event of system failure.

Bridon’s Solution:
Reduced costs and provided operator-optimized haptics via a low leak, twist to unlock design.

Spin-Down Relief Valve

Challenge: A relief valve to control an attachment’s rotational inertia.

Bridon’s Solution:
Minimized system spikes and reduced shaft seal failures via a delayed-response relief design.

Bridon Clients

Some of Bridon’s satisfied clients include:

Our Approach

We’re changing perceptions.
Bridon is proving smaller does = fast and efficient
Cost effective can = quality, custom valves & manifolds.


We’re fast. We offer same day response on product inquiries and fast, accelerated prototyping in weeks, not months. Our efficient team eliminates red-tape and shortens lead times.


Our hydraulic design, engineering, and manufacturing experts grasp unique applications quickly. And our proactive, partnership approach and proven, on time
delivery = satisfied customers.


You save via our free, value-added engineering, analysis, and design services, use of Global Supply Chain Partners, low overhead and streamlined manufacturing processes.

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