Not all hydraulic challenges are the same.
Their solutions shouldn’t be either.


System-Specific Relief Valve

Challenge: A relief valve to avoid system overload.
Bridon’s Solution: Reduced cost, removed unnecessary features, and designed a safe, custom valve.

Bypass Relief Valve

Challenge: A bypass valve to withstand cold temperature startup pressures and avoid cooling system damage.
Bridon’s Solution: Eliminated weak points, met the desired application and avoided costly manifold redesign via a compact valve configured within a standard fitting.

Check Fittings

Challenge: A check circuit between the primary and secondary pumps.

Bridon’s Solution: Eliminated leak points, lowered cost and combined component functions in one check fitting.

Check Operator-Actuated Valve

Challenge: A bypass valve that permits safe operation in the event of system failure.

Bridon’s Solution:
Reduced costs and provided operator-optimized haptics via a low leak, twist to unlock design.

Spin-Down Relief Valve

Challenge: A relief valve to control an attachment’s rotational inertia.

Bridon’s Solution:
Minimized system spikes and reduced shaft seal failures via a delayed-response relief design.